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January 30, 2008



WOW the kit looks so good, It makes me want to grab it out from the screen.......LOVE IT!


OMG the kit looks awesome!!! That is a HUGE sneak and there is still more to be seen! =) You guys HAVE to get the kit!

Jessica Hood

I want! Can we pre-order as usual?


hit me up. you know i want some of dat!!! for real. can't wait!


Ooooo... I love it. So fun and so cute! How much $, and how do we order? Wait for the website?


ohh i want this main kit!! dana i have sent you an email :)


It looks amazing girls!You know how to make a girl drool :D


First time I've seen these kits. I feel like I need one in my hot little hands ASAP!


how do i get this???? :-)


Awesome kit!!! How much & when will it be available for order?


Cute!! :) I am going to check back to see if I can order one!


Do you ship this in France ??? I love it, really really love it. Please please say me it's ok ...


Purrrrrleeeease can you tell me how to get my mitts on one of these lovely beauties... both the main kit and the add on. I waaaaant it!!!


BTW: I am in the UK, so how much would shipping be?


SOOOO CANT WAIT! How do i sign up and how much????


i want one !!!! PLEASE!!! how can i get my hands on one???



i so want one with the add on pretty please.
i wonder if shipping is a killer to australia....hmph

your kits are always so amazing, good work girl.


When, Where, How Much??? I must have this!

Lisa Woodhart

Very cute kit - I must have one - how do I order the kit and the add-on please?


I would like to have an email or comment left on my blog as to when i can get these kits, they're super groovy!
Thanks, danielle

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