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September 20, 2008


Ann Cicilie Flått


I haven't tried your kit yet, but is expecting one in the mail any day (I won it, at Scrapsisters actually), and can't wait to get my hands on it! I love the mix of different papers, the cool embellishment and I love the inpiration I get from your design team members.

You take scrapbooking to a new level, and you help people to find to ways to be creative:)

Beth Perry

I totally agree with how MUCH product you get with these kits. I still have schtuff from 3 kits ago. I bought for two months in a row, then decided it would be stupid not to get a subscription.

It is the ONLY kit I buy. Actually, it is just about the only scrap supplies (besides glue and essentials)I purchase. I really don't have to go anywhere else.

I swear I should make commercials about these kits (lol) b/c I can't get enough of them and I definitely can't say enough good things about them!

I hope you guys are having a fun weekend!
(aka miya6 at flickr)

Nora Anne

I just received my first mini-kit in the mail yesterday and WOW!! It includes so much yummy goodness!
I am anxiously awaiting my next kit that I already ordered and I can't wait to play with it all :)
You guys are great!

Paula Clare

I love, love, LOVE your kits...they are so incredibly unique...and are ALWAYS a "blast from the past." So much fun! Since I don't subscribe, I'm often found wanting a kit that's already been declared "unavailable." :-( As soon as finances allow, I shall become a subscriber and never miss out again! I LOVE your stuff and tell all my friends about the cool kits at the Dozens!


the dozens is my favorite kit club!!! i love all the little randoms in it. [[and michelle is my favorite scrapbooker/designer ever! so really, i should get her paper pack. haha!]]

out of the kits that i have bought, i always like my dozens kit the best!

thanks for putting together such awesome kits dana and barbara!!!



i've only been able to get one kit and a mini kit, but the 'experience' was great! i loved it! the colors, so many little bits and pieces. i got soooo many LOs done. it was very inspiring to get so much done and see how everything really did go together so well!

tsm! Danielle


you know i love you AND your kits girl!
i feel like they were made just for me!
every item is fantabulous!
ive gotten every kit since the beginning and i will continue my subscription FOREVER!!!
the dozens is the greatest kit club EVER!!!
-jp. :)


Hey Dana, congrats for the interviews, your kit club is the most amazing! I would love to get a subscription, but you know, the shipping rates to Italy are sooo expensive, so I enjoy my monthly kit when I can get it (I have to be more quick, they often go sold out in a very short time!Ehehehhh...)


I haven't had the fun of trying one yet, but I've been looking at them for months and drooling over them! :)


I discovered the dozens kits back in November of 2007. I instantly fell in love with all the original ideas and embellishments behind the kits. Dana and the rest of the girls have inspired me to think outside the conventional box of scrapbboking and really enjoy the art again. I have subscribed to a lot of kits clubs and no one compares to the dozens.


Erika M

Got last month's kit and absolutely love it - can't wait to see what's next.

Danielle Q

I adored the Dozens kit I bought, used up most of it within the first month as I was I having so much fun :)

The combinations you girls put together is so inspiring, and I love that the colours are vibrant, and all the kitschy details.


Well you know how much I LOVE the kits. ;) It's SOOOO true about the amount of product!!! I just die and squeal over everything I pull out of the kits. There's always something specifically that makes me little heart happy. Like the woodgrain DYMO tape?? Come ON now!!! Woot!!! Love you girls!!!

Love, your faithful dt gal Jamie


Your welcome Dana :) We are so happy that both you and Silje wanted to play along.

I love the Dozens Kits. I have been with you almosh from the beginning. I love your unique style in the kits, love that I get the opportunity to develop my own style and have acces to alot of inspo here with the design team.


Hi all

I am into my second subscription with the fantastic Dozens kits .I love them , I love all the unusual little goodies that you just wouldnt be able to find anywhere , just simply fab fab fab . Another big bonus to the awesome content of the kits is the brilliant and helpful customer service, nothing is too much trouble and questions are answered super quick . Plus also super quick shipping to over here in the UK , oh and all the kits are packed so well and in strong boxes. I think its important that everyone knows that as well as the fantastic kits there is a lot more to The Dozens that just that !
Anita x


I love how the Dozens kits are packed with those cute odds and ends. Mushrooms and plastic telephones and robots and rainbows. I love it!


i am excited EVERY month that i am a part of the 'dozens experience'! with all the fun little extras that are part of the kits and the fact that dana is AMAZING with all the little questions and comments i always have, i feel lucky to have found you guys :) plus you introduced me to Michelle Clement and she created 'lola' just for me... how amazing! LOVE YOU GUYS!


So cool to see the Dozens featured! Michelle just rocks the paper design..can't wait to see the entire kit that that will be in! :)


I come to this website all the time for inspiration, thanks so much gals!


probably the best color schemes and artists around. I have ordered some extras..and the bento..tried for this month but missed ws one I saved my money for!! Oh Well..Brilliant Stuff any way you look at it!


I think the Dozens kits are AWESOME!!! I am always blown away by them. I just like to sit and stare at the them .. and from time to time I whip the drool away so it doesn't mess up the papers. I think your customer service rocks!!! Thanks for such AMAZING kits!!!

Nicky Anderson

Talented team you have

Nicky Anderson

PS - would love to try one of your kits


I love the Dozens so so much,
Without the dozens Id feel out of touch,
Whimsy, funky and vintage too
I love the Dozens and all the crew!

Hee hee! Sorry! Im in a poetic mood!
Im in Dubai and get the kit every month! Its just amazing! The stuff lasts the whole month! Ive given up buying regular scrapbook stuff in favour of the Dozens kit!
Oh and Id definately be up for a "Dozens retreat"!!


I love your kit but I just don't have the money to keep my subscription. But this kit rocks! It's so bright and colorful and fun to play with. Plus I love Michelle and her designs so anyway to get her stuff is awesome.

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