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I am a mother to a one year-old daughter, and wife to one husband. Lover of God, daughter, sister, astrology studier, teacher, student, friend, lover, packrat, history hugger . . .

I suppose my scrappin style can best be described as nostalgic and a little silly sometimes. Usually pretty colorful. just do what feels good for the photos or ideas I'm trying to convey.

I enjoy scrapbooking and other crafty things. Why do I call them Avocadoish Yummy Things? ther are a number of qualities that avocadoes posess--somewhat of a metaphor for my crafty life.

Avocado vs. Life
not too sweet, not too salty
think yr yellow, but actually yr very green
kinda mushy, kinda stiff
always yummy


Scrapbooking, showing dogs every now and again, music--especially classic jazz and jazz fusion and experimental--(Genkin Philharmonic, where are ya?), Sade and Stevie Wonder are my all time favoes, Maxwell, Sweetback . . .