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October 07, 2007



wow...best puppy! congrats ;) what a cutie!


oh my gosh girl!!! congrats on the kits, best of luck!
have you checked out willowtraders.com?? it is a site that is all about kits, and you can advertise there for FREE!!!

can't wait! let me know if you need a guest designer....lol!!

Stephanie Ainsburg

yay Dana, can't wait to see!!!! uh,oh. kits! I CAN'T resist 'em!


Owmy look at your hubby and your doggy LOL Seriously thats so cute!

Ow and the different between the front and the back of the elsie pp is that the front is embossed up and the back is down...Owmy i explained that really crappy but i hope you know what i mean LOL


hey hey! i tagged you over at my blog!


CUUUUTTTEE layout! Also - Happy Birthday!!


ok, that might quite possibly be my favorite layout that i have EVER seen!!! holy crap you are awesome!! i'll be coming back for more!!!

-jennifer :)

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