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December 12, 2007



i was wondering where you were the other day!! I figured you were snowbound!! LOL. Love the canvas, haven't ever tried this yet, but would like to soon... :)

 {{ ♥ the divine miss jEn ♥ }}

hi dana..

i've been thinking of you this holiday season...when i'm sad & missing my dad, i feel sad knowing you understand. so know you're in my thoughts...

LOVED the cutie LO....how good of you to get stuff done!!! and it turned out fab girl!!! =)

well happy holidays...and hopefully i will mail off your cutie ornie today...i've been awful sick w/ the flu so i've been a hermit..but its done, just waiting to pop in the mail w/ postage! =)



awesome cavas....always so many fun lil details on your pages! =) And happy holidays to you, too!!

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