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March 23, 2008



What a sweet post. I know it must be so hard to enjoy the holidays without your mom. Remember, she would want you to have fun and make memories for Drew, just like she made for you. :) I love to look at old photos and my scrapbooks when I am down, I usually end up in tears, and then pray... yep, prayer is what helps. :)


you don't always have to post about scrapbooking/scrapbooking related things! if that's the new rule.... then my blog is in trouble! :P

Love the cute photos!

I'm bad about being down... I definitely drawn into myself when I'm upset about something, pretty much only want to talk to my husband about it. People are always telling me I need to talk it out and all that... but sometimes, I just need to deal with myself. I just don't always want to rehash it all out with ten different people. I don't want a "big deal" being made.
And I hate being mad/upset/angry/whatever sooo I usually have an hour of complete bawling and then move along for the day and do it all again the next day! Yeah, so basically, no good advice from me, because I'm usually a complete mess...!


girl if you are ever down...
...you call me asap!!!

you are such a beautiful soul, artist, mother, woman...

you deserve great happines and laughs and smiles!!!
im glad that you posted again!!
let me know if you ever want to chat it up on messenger or whatevs.

big hugs and kisses to you!!!
i love ya'!
jp. :)

Michelle Clement

oooh...Drew is so cute!! And hugs to you and your family...=) I find my happy in Art...and my hubby....and silly little things like letters in the mail. =) he he....love the Dr.Suess party, too!! lovely!


i love your post, hugs to you as you continue to miss you mom. It is always hard to lose a parent but you are strong. Your dd is the cutest! :)


She is soo stinkin cute how old is she!!!!


Hey Dana, found your comment on my blog, that you found me via Fauve. ;)
I like your scrapstyle!!! I wish I could be more freestyle like you. Isn't that a place where you can find your happy again? Or, maybe just like me, get the down feelings out and create a LO about them. I find myself scrapping about my mom a lot. It helps.
Seeing my dad so miserable hurts more than having to miss her, actually. But no one can take her place, and that hurts too. My dad is all lost in his misery and forgets that he has reasons to live (his kids) and that hurts as well. I need him too, it's like he doesn't realise he has to be mom AND dad now...:(

I understand your pain, I wish you all the best, I know we will get by, but life has lost it's shine, hasn't it...?! Things will never be the same again...

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