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May 02, 2008


Danielle Stussy

Beautiful LO! so good to hear from you again. <3

emily (justem)

Love your layout!! :) You were in WI!! Very cool!


Beautiful LO, and that Drew is so cute~ :)


love your layout Dana. I saw you were layout of the day on sis, the other day with this layout. How cool is that :)

Sassy Sasha

Congrats girl on LOTD..you smoked it out I see...and where you been girl I was thinking of taking a break from Sis myself. Hope all is well with ya...


she is the cutest, love love her dress!! love that you show dogs, that is awesome!! that layout is the bomb!!


Hiya just found your blog from link on Dozens. Wow loving your blog and all your LOs! Fab style x


"But on the last day, she got tired and irritable (and what can we expect) and took one look at that pattern on the carpet and went ballistic."....ROFLOL am I allowed to laugh...this is hilarious!

Hey do you recall where you got the outfit the little one has on in the beautiful LO?

Michelle Clement

(sigh)..Dana, your LO's make my heart pitter-patter....=) Such a cute page!!


this page made me smile. you have such a wonderful style.

Beth Perry

I like that layout alot!!!

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