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August 27, 2008



Hi Dana. I could go on and on about this post but i won't.
Main thing is I love your blog b/c i think you are a unique and inspiring person that i can relate to. however, i do get what your saying and thats probably the reason i wouldn't have a blog myself when it seems like the rest of the world does.sooo,
couldn't u set your blog as private where readers have to join or something. that way u know whos visiting and don't feel like your spilling your guts to the general public? i have no idea how blogs work but thats what i thought i saw on a couple of blogs.
anyways, good luck with whatever u decide. and thanks for being an inspiration!!!


Thanks, Nichol! That's a good idea... and before I wondered why some people don't get blogs. Now I realize why. It just may not be for everyone, but who knows?? :P Keep the ideas coming.


I do love your blog, Dana! It's refreshing and I love to see the face behind the name that thinks up the Dozens kits!lol! BUT!!! Im more interested in what others do with the kit and sneak peeks etc, so the dozens blog would be fine for me! It would satifsy my needs!lol!
Why are you going to write up your blog, doing something you are not enjoying?! If you dont enjoy it, it will eventually show in your writing!

It sounds a good idea to have a Dozens group where all members can talk. Im just not sure what would be the best way to do that!

I say stop if youre not enjoying it! We can always read the dozens blog or go to FLickr! :)


ohh, I don't know what to say! I would hate to see you go because I love your creativeness even if it's few and far between....

but at the same time I understand!

Have you ever thought about having a just a private blog so that way you can spill and do whatever you want and it will still feel safer for you to share yourself?

idunno, that's just something I thought of.

I would hate to see you go.. :(

Fauve van Maanen

Ow,i would be totally bummed if you stop blogging.I love to read it and seeying youre oh so gorgeous work!


please don't stop but if it is not in you i totally understand! :)

Michelle Clement

Aw, man..I love your posts like these, girl. :) he he...And I think the stars say I'm an intorverted extrovert, too...heh. But how cool would a Dozens' retreat be?? Dude..


ok. here's the deal.
im going to need you to not quit your blog.
done. and done.
i love your blog and i LOVE you.
that being said,
if your aren't feelin' it, i wouldn't want you to keep on.
with me being bossy and stuff.
a dozens retreat??!@?
hell to the yes!
im so there.
your posts make me smile.
you make me smile.
i love you girl!
jp. :)

Nora Anne

well, I have to say as someone visiting your blog for the first time (and loving it!!!) I would be sad not to be able to visit it again.
Thank you so much for your post and you are MORE than welcome to borrow that poem (I would say you can HAVE it, but since it is not mine to give away, you can borrow it!) I found it online and it really touched me. I lost my mom last year on 8/21 and it is the hardest thing I've ever been through. Every day I miss her and every day I still wait for her to come back. Thank you so much for reaching out and hugs to you.
xoxo Nora Anne
p.s. I love the Dozens, I just ordered my first mini kit (the full onw was sold out, I missed it!)

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