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April 08, 2008



awwww yeah...
can't wait.
this looks to be my most favorite kit ever!!
do i say that every time??!?!
i can't wait!!!
<3 girls.


HELP! I've fallen and I can't get up!!!


I need one on the 15th!


Please let me be on your design team! Please! Please! :D

Okay, enough groveling (for now).

I had a lot of fun today digging through two industrial-size canisters of appliques. Every variety - antique, cute, industrial, official, whimsical... I got a huge handful for $3.25 (25 cents each!). And the whole time, I was thinking, "I wonder where The Dozens gets THEIR stuff?"

Now, don't you want me on your design team?


Ooohh!! That kit looks fierce! :)
I really hope I can get one before they're sold out! :)


The April kits look super fun!! :-)


oh i'm so excited! you're kits
are always the cutest! i really
hope things go my way and i can
get one again! :) and i can't wait
for more DT info! so exciting!!


yummy!!! i cant wait to get this kit :D
and DT, plz give me a guest spot ;)


cute cute cute!!!!!


Looks like a fun one! I know where I'll be on the 15th!

Michelle Jacquemet

I adore the sneaks! Michelle is crazy talented. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these kits!

emily anderson

can't wait to hear about the fun!

and yah, the monsters rock.

Heather Baldini

OMG...I can't wait to get this KIt. The colors ane so AMAZING! I will be front and center 15 Apr 2008!!! I love monsters...I just used one for a LO I did with the March KIt!!


I am getting anxious for the DT decisions!!!

jessica summers

I'm totally going to be stalking the blog on the 15th!!!


What a coooool stamp! Can't wait 'till the 15th!

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